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Ard Knife Cuts Ruler


Use The Classic Knife-Cuts Ruler:

  • To learn the Classic Vegetable Cuts, their names, definitions and dimensions per American Culinary Federation’s published guidelines.
  • As a guide to produce precise cuts and model them against the provided top-view plan of each particular cut.
  • To produce precise and miscellaneous shapes cutting various pasta, cookie and other doughs, pastries, canapés, cheeses, fruits and much more.
  • As a quick reference source enabling you to use the ruler’s “basic recipe ratios” in various food preparations.
  • To convert temperatures, weights, volumes, etc to metric system measures and vice versa.
  • To learn the proper storage temperatures for various foods.
  • To become familiar and practice the required HACCP-based safe internal cooked food temperatures.
  • As a handy guide to use the ruler’s “Yield section” for your various recipe and cost control purposes.
  • To achieve ideal temperatures when making various doughs, using our formula.
  • To ease converting your recipes for large numbers utilizing the “Scoops & Canned Good Sizes” Reference Tables.
  • To become familiar and utilize many useful “Facts and Formulas” in your everyday work in the kitchen.

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A Handy Culinary Reference & Measurement Tool or All Secondary (such as C-Cap, ProStart and other vocational high schools) & Post-Secondary Culinary Students, Programs, Schools and kitchens everywhere.

This two-sided Classic Knife-Cuts Ruler (12” x 4.5”) provides a variety of unique uses in your classrooms, workshops and kitchens and is an invaluable addition to your students’ starter tool-kits and knife-bags. In addition, our Classic Knife-Cuts Ruler is very light, hand-washable, compact (fits easily into your tool-box or 3-ring binder) and affordable. Make it part of your program’s curriculum requirement


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