Ard Knife Cuts Reference Guide


A Handy Culinary Reference and Measurement Tool for all secondary (such as C-Cap, ProStart and other vocational high schools) & Post-Secondary Culinary Students, Programs, Schools and Kitchens Everywhere.

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This unique educational guide swivels into multiple pages while providing an array of innovative and helpful templates, descriptions and close-up photos of numerous knife-cuts as produced by professionals around the globe. The invaluable comprehensive guide makes a perfect addition to your students’ starter tool-kits and knife-bags. In addition, it is very light, compact and fits easily into student’s note-book, tool-box or Chef jacket pocket This unit is very affordable and you could easily make it part of your program’s curriculum requirement. Bulk discounts are available. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Use The Knife-Cuts Reference Guide:

  • To learn the Classic Vegetable Cuts, their names, definitions and dimensions per American Culinary Federation’s published guidelines.
  • As a guide to produce precise cuts and Model them against the provided top-view plan of each particular cut.
  • To become familiar and master various other Preliminary and Decorative Cuts (close-up photos and descriptions of each cut is vividly provided).
  • As your source in learning the Classic Potato Cuts as used in fine cuisine over generations


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