Knife Sharpening  Form

Price per knife
Standard Sharpening – $4.00
Hand Sharpening – $20.00
Additional charges may apply to hand sharpening depending on the condition of the knife.
We will contact you if necessary.

Return freight charge – From $9.50

(please print out this form – fill in all information requested and enclose with knives to be sharpened)

Customer Information:


Return Shipping Address:


Daytime Phone:


Ship your knives to:

Northwestern Cutlery

810 W. Lake Street

Chicago IL, 60607

Attn: Sharpening

Number of knives enclosed:

Brief description of each: (i.e.: brand name, type, etc.)

Return freight options
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Insured Value

Up to $100

$101.00 to $300.00

$301.00 to $500.00

$501.00 to $700.00

Over $700.00








Please Call


Please note once your request has been filled, one of our service representatives will contact you for payment information.