Carbon Steel Knives

Carbon Steel knives  will tarnish from oxidation. The result will be a “Patina” which is a thin coating on the knife created as the metal reacts to the atmosphere. This is a desirable effect. The Patina will eventually protect the knife from corrosion. I have seen knives  that have turned nearly black from building up the Patina. Always remember to wash and dry the knife thoroughly after every use as carbon steel knives will rust if you let them. Severe rusting will cause pitting that can quickly destroy the knife.

Martin Petlicki

4 thoughts on “Carbon Steel Knives

  1. Ekkehard-Teja Wilke says:

    [you were recommended by Herzog Store Fixtures for knives What in your estimation is the best brand for knives? I was impressed with your selection but would like some advice
    [cutting: bread; onions; and such]\
    Thanks, Regards,
    E-T Wilke

    • Marty Petlicki says:

      There is not a best brand of knives. A knife is a very personal thing. Everybody looks for something different when choosing a knife. Weight, size and handle shape all factor in. My advice to you would be to visit our store so you can hold each knife and determine what is the best brand for you.

  2. skippy721 says:

    I just came in and got taken care of with a nice set to utilize at my new bartending part time job. Thanks, watch out lemons, limes, orange, pineapples !

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