Benefits of a Sharp Knife

From the Sakai Takayuki web site.

“When cutting a tomato, have you ever smashed it? Have you cried when cutting an onion? These problems are caused not by the food but by a blunt knife. A blunt knife adds extra force to the cut surface, and the food cells collapse. For food, such as an onion, the lachrymator within the cells is released as the cell collapses, causing the tears in your eyes to flow. In addition, when cutting thin, soft food like fish or a tomato with a blunt knife, you have to move the blade back and forth for many times. When this happens, the color at the cut surface becomes dull, the luster appearance was gone, degrading the fresh look of the food. Moreover, oxidization develops rapidly at the cut surface, so the food loses firmness and taste. In other words, the sharpness of a knife is a decisively important issue for cooking.”

Martin Petlicki

3 thoughts on “Benefits of a Sharp Knife

  1. Rockford Johnson says:

    Cool post! I learned a lot about the benefits of a sharp knife by reading this article. Thank you for explaining how “the sharpness of a knife is a decisively important issue for cooking” My family is really big into barbecuing and having sharp knives have really helped us to cut meat properly and has helped us to cook the way we want to cook.

  2. Maricela Arnold says:

    Thank you to publish article on benefits of a sharp knife. Your article helped me a lot to encourage me to sharp my fillet Knife which I use all time for fishing.

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